Business Planning

Providing advice to business owners, with the ability to integrate business and personal financial planning for a streamlined approach

Partnering with businesses

We provide businesses with a number of services, including investment strategies, retirement plan solutions, insurance coverage, and succession/exit planning. We specialize in services for small to mid-sized businesses across a variety of industries.

We help business owners work towards maximizing their value, protecting what they’ve built, and supporting their employees.

We help clients with important decisions across many aspects of their business.

Highlighted below are some of the services we provide, but business solutions aren’t turnkey, and we believe a holistic approach that is integrated with your personal financial plans is best. Your business is likely your greatest asset and we want to make sure that asset is working for you.

Business Succession Planning

Maximize the value of your business when the time is right to exit and harvest the wealth from the sale or transition of your business, integrating the assets into your personal financial plan and putting to work accordingly.

Buy/Sell Agreement

Develop investment strategies for surplus cash and other assets to create growth or income, ultimately enhancing your valuation if successful.

Worksite Employee Benefits

Determine what benefits to offer your employees in order to optimize staying competitive in the labor market with the costs.

Group 401(k) Plans

Create group retirement plans that help with greater tax deferral and increased savings, as well as greater employee engagement and higher worker retention.

Executive Bonus Planning

Attract top talent and potentially save on business taxes by offering Executive Bonus Plans where the employee purchases a life insurance policy , and the employer pays the premium (i.e., the “bonus”).

Business Overhead Insurance

Keep your business running by purchasing a policy that will cover the overhead costs of your business when illness or disability prevents you from doing so.

Business and Property Insurance

Make sure your business has adequate coverage on its real estate and contents in the event of damage or loss.

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